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Hadoop and NoSQL Integration Strategies Classroom


In many organizations, Hadoop clusters and NoSQL databases are augmenting enterprise data warehouses, not replacing them. But integrating big data systems and data warehouses takes a steady hand and a solid plan. This virtual classroom provides IT, data warehouse, business intelligence and analytics professionals as well as business executives with insight and practical advice on integrating big data technologies into corporate data warehousing environments. In a webcast presentation, consultant William McKnight provides guidance on developing and implementing strategies for knitting together Hadoop and data warehouses. In a podcast Q&A, Forrester Research analyst Brian Hopkins offers advice on evaluating and choosing technologies to support data integration projects involving Hadoop and NoSQL systems. And in a tip article, consultant David Loshin outlines a roadmap for getting started on big data integration initiatives.


William McKnight President, McKnight Consulting Group

William McKnight works as a strategist, lead enterprise information architect and program manager for clients worldwide, specializing in the disciplines of big data, business intelligence, data warehousing and master data management. McKnight has authored hundreds of articles and white papers and speaks regularly at conferences, seminars and webinars; he also is the author of the book “90 Days to Success in Consulting.” He can be contacted at

Brian Hopkins Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc.

Brian Hopkins works as a principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc., covering emerging technology, technology innovation, data management and big data topics for enterprise architecture professionals and IT strategists. Hopkins has 15 years of experience in IT as an advisor, strategist, architect and manager; before joining Forrester, he worked in the financial services and defense industries. Email him at

David Loshin President, Knowledge Integrity Inc.

David Loshin is president of Knowledge Integrity Inc., a consulting, training and development services company that works with clients on business intelligence, big data, data quality, data governance and master data management initiatives. He also is the author or co-author of numerous books, including "Business Intelligence, 2nd Edition: The Savvy Manager's Guide" and "Using Information to Develop a Culture of Customer Centricity." Email him at

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This resource is no longer available.