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Cloud Security Virtual Conference


While in the early phases of cloud adoption IT departments had a certain shoulder-shrugging, Amazon's- security-is-probably-better-than-mine, let's-insist-on-a-tight-SLA approach to security, now that IT departments are reaching a higher degree of maturity in their cloud adoption, security is ripe for re-examination.

Whatever your organization may be doing in the cloud, it needs to fit into the overall framework you are using to shape and monitor your organization's security efforts.

Join ISACA,,, and thousands of your peers online for this unique full-day examination of cloud security as it enters its latest phase, with expert insight into strategy, policy and pragmatics. We'll move beyond phase one and gear up for the projects you'll deploy in 2014.

Enter the convenient, online environment of this virtual event on December 4th for expert answers to questions like:

- What kinds of metrics can you use for cloud deployments?
- What about identity?
- What role does IAM take on as organizations split more and more critical business applications between premise and cloud
- What about data?

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01 Nov 2013
Nov 3, 2013
Virtual Tradeshow

This resource is no longer available.