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The Decision-Maker's Guide for a BAM Solution


Business activity monitoring is all about being able to glean in-depth info and data into your operations, processes, and transactions, which fosters more informed decision making and the ability to tackle problem areas in real time. Vendors and solutions are plentiful, but selecting the one that’s the right fit for your organization (and budget) can be a tiresome task, to say the least.

To help you make the best choice when selecting from the wide range of solutions and evaluation criteria available to you, here’s a great Excel template that serves as a comprehensive evaluator's guide by outlining over 160 criteria -- including those that can help your team compare BAM solutions' capabilities for delivery & display, processing & analysis, and process management support, as well as to help you evaluate a vendor's support services, cost models, and product direction & strategy.

Vitria Technology, Inc.
21 Oct 2013
18 Oct 2013
Microsoft Excel
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This resource is no longer available.