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Webcast: Solid-State Solutions for VDI Workloads


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a fast-growing alternative to physical desktops. Consolidating user desktops into virtual machines on central servers simplifies desktop administration, provides flexibility for a variety of client devices, and enhances availability and security of user desktops and data. The economics of virtualization are compelling, but modern virtualized data centers have seen new and challenging demands being placed on traditional storage infrastructures. They simply cannot keep up with the explosion of data that fuel modern virtualization, enterprise application, cloud computing and database acceleration workloads. Today's webcast will talk about how solid-state storage solutions have emerged as an ideal approach to solving the inherent performance, optimization and power challenges this deluge presents.


Swapna Yasarapu Director of SSD Product Marketing

Swapna Yasarapu is charged with leading the advance SSD computing group at sTec to deliver state of the art design and products. Swapna has over 10 years of in depth experience in hi-tech storage networks with responsibilities spanning from ASIC development, product development to managing hardware and software storage products through concept and development to production.

sTec | HGST
Oct 9, 2013

This resource is no longer available.