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Tablets: Accelerate Performance and Increase Mobility


We live in an "on demand" world where customers have instant access to critical information on every product and service they consider purchasing. This ubiquitous "awareness" creates a highly educated market that expects quality, simplicity and convenience at all times.

To effectively meet the needs of this highly dynamic market, businesses must accelerate the performance of their workforce. The tablet form factor is driving new computing models that make workers more aware, agile and responsive. But deploying tablets requires the right combination of device, software, accessories and services to improve performance while limiting the impact on IT.

This webcast looks at how Dell’s powerful portfolio of Windows8 tablets solves these challenges and can transform the performance of your team. Dell’s tablets can serve as the primary device for knowledge workers and greatly improve the performance of mobile specialists across healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail POS, field service and sales.


Sean Wisdom Director, Global Tablet Solutions

Sean Wisdom joined Dell in June 2011 after leading mobile solutions strategy for Verizon, AT&T and other wireless carriers.  Over the last 16 years Sean has spoken to thousands customers through his roles in sales, marketing and product development.  Sean has also written many articles on how mobility can transform the efficiency, productivity and profitability of businesses of all sizes.  At Dell, Sean is responsible for bringing relevant products to market that enable mobile business transformation through security, applications and device management.  Sean somehow married far above his station and lives in Austin, Texas with his amazing wife and extraordinary children.

Bryan Glick Editor in chief, Computer Weekly

Bryan Glick is editor in chief of Computer Weekly, responsible for managing and developing the team producing all Computer Weekly editorial content, including the web site, weekly digital magazine, blogs, video, podcasts, web seminars, social media, face-to-face events, community and the CW500 IT leadership group.
Prior to becoming a journalist, he worked in the IT industry for more than 10 years, for companies including ICL, Intentia (now part of Lawson Software) and Thomas Cook.

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Oct 16, 2013

This resource is no longer available.