Gigamon Intelligent Flow Mapping

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Because of exponential big data growth, service providers and IT organizations are investing in monitoring solutions that interpret consumer behavior, detect fraud, monitor performance, and even predict the future with trending analysis. However, all of these systems are only as effective as the information and traffic that they can see. With the increasing volume and detail of information being moved across the infrastructure, these tools find themselves drowning under the volume of traffic—traffic that might not even be relevant to the tool.

With millions of traffic flows and thousands of changes occurring within the infrastructure on a daily basis, visibility needs to be pervasive, dynamic, and scalable. A key factor in ensuring application availability and network performance is having a traffic visibility solution that can efficiently handle huge volumes of data in real time and thus deliver relevant traffic to the relevant tool. In this age of Big Data, efficient and scalable distribution of traffic is key for the monitoring tools and analyzers to focus on the relevant traffic they were optimized for.

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Feb 8, 2021
Dec 31, 2012
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