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BIG TAP: Advanced Network Monitoring with Open SDN - Presentation Transcript


Hosting this webinar is Jim Metzler, Founder and Vice President of Ashton Metzler. Learn how an SDN Monitoring Fabric using Big Tap from Big Switch Networks can save you time, save you money, and allow you to monitor traffic everywhere, and deliver traffic anywhere. Big Tap is the perfect "first SDN application," providing a very high-reward and low-risk way to adopt and learn about the rapidly growing trend toward SDN.


Meena Sankaran Big Tap Product Management

Meena is an accomplished technologist with has a breadth of experience ranging from being an end user/customer to a partner , a vendor and with her recent roles of leading in the innovation with SDN at a startup. Using her expertise in network planning, global ops and implementation during her days at Countrywide Financial ( now Bank of America), she creates product direction that is focused on solving customer problems. Master’s degree in electrical engineering University of Texas at Arlington

Jim Metzler Founder and Vice President of Ashton Metzler

Dr. Metzler has worked in many positions in the networking industry.  This includes creating software tools to design customer networks for a major IXC; being an Engineering Manager for high speed data services for a major Telco; being a Product Manager for network hardware; managing networks at two Fortune 500 companies; directing and performing market research at a major industry analyst firm; and running a consulting organization. Jim holds a Ph.D. in Numerical Analysis from Boston University.

Big Switch Networks
01 Oct 2013
01 Oct 2013
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This resource is no longer available.