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Okta Identity Management for SharePoint Server


Okta enables enterprise IT to manage access to any web application for all types of users on any device. Okta’s service includes complete authentication and user management for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013. The integrated solution allows enterprises to more seamlessly and securely collaborate with their customers and partners using the on-premises version of SharePoint in combination with Okta’s cloud-based identity management service.

The integration enables IT administrators to manage customer or partner access to SharePoint with Okta in much the same way they would use Active Directory to manage employee access to an internal SharePoint-based portal. This hybrid architecture allows IT to leverage existing investments in SharePoint, and to simply and securely extend access to users outside of the company. There are no more security risks associated with adding non-employees to a corporate directory, and Okta’s cloud-native architecture means there is no need to install, configure or maintain an additional on- premises directory.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Okta enables enterprises to extend SharePoint sites and portals to all their users, whether they are customers, partners or even employees across disparate organizations.

26 Sep 2013
26 Sep 2013
White Paper

This resource is no longer available.