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Understanding the Value of Cloud Solutions: Maximize Your ROI


If cloud services are not managed efficiently, and more to the point, not automated, cloud computing can actually add risks, delays, and costly complexities to your IT organization’s ability to provide services more efficiently and effectively – negating the overall benefits of the cloud.

HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) enables your organization to simplify the management of your cloud infrastructure and accelerate the deployment of applications, databases, middleware, and services into your environment. With HP Cloud Service Automation, your IT organization increases efficiency, controls costs, improves time to market, and effectively lowers the risks often associated with the adoption and management of cloud solutions.

This paper provides examples of the return on investment (ROI) of an HP Cloud Service Automation solution. These specific examples, coupled with an explanation of the HP ROI approach, are intended to help business managers develop an ROI analysis that quantifies the business benefits of HP Cloud Service Automation in their environments.

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20 Sep 2013
31 Dec 2012
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This resource is no longer available.