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Presentation Transcript: Reducing Security Complexity


Cyber security has evolved from being an esoteric technical subject to being a mainstream media item making headlines on a daily basis, thereby also increasing its recognition as a critical business risk.

 Today’s organizations are at more risk than ever before when it comes to cyber security and the proliferation of mobile devices connected to the web, many times with no oversight, only compound the business risk.

This webcast explores the emerging cyber security threats within the Australian security landscape and how these effect midsized organizations throughout the region. View now to learn more.


David Owen Director Strategy and Major Client Group, BAE Systems Detica

David Owen is the Director of Strategy & Major Client Group at BAE Systems Detica. David has over 13 years’ experience of cyber security in major organisations and has provided advice to leadership teams on treating cyber security as a business risk. David has previously spent 5 years looking after information security within the UK business unit of MBDA Missile Systems, which is a global guided weapons provider and manages significant quantities of highly sensitive information.

Brione Smink ICT Business Development Manager, Optus Business

Brione has spent the last 15 years helping organisations with the development of security and communications strategies. Holding certifications from Cisco and F5 Networks, Brione specialises in firewalls, intrusion detection, penetration testing and associated services with a focus on media, pharmaceutical, retail and manufacturing industries. After starting her career with Alphawest in Western Australia, Brione now resides in Sydney as an ICT Business Development Manager with Optus Business.

Aviv Abramovich Director of Engineering, Check Point Software Technologies Australia and New Zealand

Aviv joined Check Point in 1996 and served in management and technology leadership roles as part of the RnD based in Israel. During his tenure, Aviv was the project manager for flagship product Firewall-1 and helped cement the foundations for the security research and update group. Aviv is the Director of Engineering responsible for Australia and New Zealand pre-sales activities, involved in security projects with organisations from the financial, telecommunications and government sectors.

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This resource is no longer available.