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Business Information University: Managing Big Data for Maximum Performance


Big data technologies can help organizations find business value in growing streams of structured and unstructured data, but high levels of performance and scalability are a must. This virtual classroom provides IT managers, data management professionals and business executives involved in funding big data initiatives with insight and advice on developing, deploying and managing high-performance Hadoop clusters and other big data systems.

Lessons include:

  • Building and maintaining high-performing big data environments
  • Developing scalable Hadoop systems
  • Big data, fast: Avoiding performance bottlenecks in Hadoop systems

In a webcast presentation, consultant William McKnight provides advice on creating a systems infrastructure that can meet the performance requirements of big data analytics applications. In a companion podcast Q&A, McKnight discusses strategies for building and managing Hadoop systems that can be scaled to handle increasing performance demands.

Also, learn from experienced users and consultants as we detail their top issues that can affect the performance of Hadoop clusters. Gain tips on how to keep big data environments from bogging down.


William McKnight President, McKnight Consulting Group

William McKnight works as a strategist, lead enterprise information architect and program manager for clients worldwide, specializing in the disciplines of big data, business intelligence, data warehousing and master data management. McKnight has authored hundreds of articles and white papers and speaks regularly at conferences, seminars and webinars; he also is the author of the book “90 Days to Success in Consulting.” He can be contacted at

25 Sep 2013
25 Sep 2013
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This resource is no longer available.