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PPM-Agile: Enterprise Portfolio Across the Business


PPM does more than encourage organizations to make tough decisions about development priorities. It also gives them a blueprint to help make those decisions easier, faster and with greater confidence.

In this section, you’ll read about “PPM for the Innovative Enterprise,” where PPM practices and tools promote innovative ways of thinking about business value and where to apply precious IT resources for maximum return. You’ll also read about how global communications and entertainment giant BSkyB is using PPM to track more than 2,000 enterprise-wide projects, simplifying reporting and helping ease resource and financial management.

Finally, you’ll read about tools that provide benchmarks and guidelines on how to improve your development effectiveness using Agile as a strategic platform for application development and execution, by improving communication among teams, acting as a catalyst for ongoing, iterative innovation and enabling rapid response to sudden, dramatic changes in business requirements

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15 Aug 2013
16 Aug 2013
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This resource is no longer available.