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DevOps: Crossing the Culture Chasm


DevOps has quickly evolved into a strategic element in many organizations’ efforts to bridge the yawning gap between development and IT operations. Read this section to learn new techniques teams are employing that get at the heart of the matter: new changes in both how people and processes are aligned to improve accountability and results.

Issues such as service virtualization, continuous delivery systems, complete monitoring and collaboration-enabling technology are some of the key areas of focus, and you’ll read about Nationwide Bank is using a service virtualization to test its online banking systems in order to cut costs and development time. Another article explore why IT needs to have a sense of urgency in adopting DevOps today, because it requires and enables the alignment of the three key elements in successful applications development—technology, processes and people.

Finally, read an independent report from Ovum Research about CA Technologies’ LISA Service Virtualization platform, and why service virtualization needs to be on IT organizations’ list of solutions to their applications development challenges.

CA Technologies.
14 Aug 2013
16 Aug 2013
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This resource is no longer available.