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Dev and Ops Cooperation: A pragmatic overview of tools and culture


Businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and do less with more in order to gain and maintain competitive advantage. And there's one concept that ties together these goals - collaboration. Especially for software release projects, the need for collaboration between development teams and IT operations has never been greater.

In order to reduce application production time without compromising on quality, security and reliability, many savvy organizations are turning to DevOps strategies.

Access this expert webinar with software development consultant Noah Sussman and Tony Davis, CA Technologies' VP for solution strategy, as they share real-world perspectives on how DevOps is helping organizations develop software faster and with higher quality.

Watch now to gain a deeper understanding of the practices and tools you'll need to succeed with DevOps.


Noah Sussman

Noah Sussman is an independent consultant, blogger and speaker on software development technologies and processes, including product quality, testing and DevOps. He previously headed up development programs for such leading organizations as book retailer Barnes & Noble and Etsy, a leading retailer of hand-made goods. He also consults on software development programs with such organizations as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and R.R. Donnelly. He is an accomplished software architect with extensive experience in such areas as continuous integration (CI), software architecture and software prototyping. He has delivered presentations on software development issues at a wide variety of industry conferences, including STPCon and various software company user conferences.

Tony Davis Vice President Solution Strategy, CA Technologies North American Service Assurance

Tony Davis is a 23 year veteran of the IT industry with a specialty in business service reliability and devops. He currently serves as a Vice President of CA Technologies’ North American Service Assurance division. Tony works with CA Technologies’ largest North American customer executive teams on Business Service Reliability strategy and the tactics to successfully implement a devops corporate IT construct. Specifically, Tony assesses and advises progressive executives on the concepts, structure, execution models, and measurements required for maintaining a reliable and mature IT organization.

Prior to his current role, Tony held several global application and infrastructure leadership roles for FedEx. Most recently, his department was accountable to the executive level, for improving total system reliability for the multi-billion dollar revenue channel of His chief responsibility was the global implementation of both ‘off the shelf’ APM/CEM solutions as well as proprietary predictive monitoring systems with full data integration. The project resulted in an implementation meeting the needs of operational teams while at the same time providing business impact visibility for IT executives. Prior to joining FedEx, Tony worked as a network infrastructure consultant for both governmental agencies and Fortune 500 corporations in the US. He also completed several consulting engagements throughout APAC with a focus on Indonesia, Australia, and Singapore IT infrastructure improvements. 

Tony holds an MBA from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN with a concentration in International Business and a graduate certificate in Non-Profit Finance. He is a regular industry and research firm speaker, concentrating on evolutionary IT and Business trends. Tony also holds 1 and 2 day workshops related to Business Service Reliability and Transforming IT into a DevOps Model.

Follow Tony on Twitter @td2926

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Aug 16, 2013

This resource is no longer available.