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Making Sense of Big Data


The term "big data" may conjure up images of enormous, humming data warehouses and siloed teams of PhDs, but the reality is that companies of all sizes have massive amounts of data today—and any business user can leverage that data to make better, faster decisions and build a competitive advantage.

This eMagazine will explore what big data means for small and medium companies: what that data looks like, how to access it, and how teams of any size and skill level can be transformed into data rock stars—asking more questions, getting better answers, and creating measurable value.

We’ll introduce you to a British chain of karaoke bars, an Arizona marketing agency, and a D.C. firm specializing in political campaign media—all of whom have leveraged data-driven decision-making to outperform their competition. They’re not data scientists; they’re regular business users who wanted faster, better answers for themselves and their teams.

This eMagazine will also cover:

  • 3 tips for spotting market trends you can’t afford to miss
  • Why data visualization is imperative in today’s economy
  • The state of big data in small and medium businesses
  • 5 tips for building great data dashboards
Tableau Software
16 Aug 2013
16 Aug 2013
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This resource is no longer available.