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5 Best Practices for Mobile Business Intelligence


Considering rolling out mobile BI? The benefits are obvious: get data where decisions are made and in the hands of people who need it.  Spread business intelligence more widely throughout your organization and create a culture of data-driven decision making.

But going mobile doesn’t just happen. There are fundamental differences between data at your desk and data on the go. Should you recreate your entire business intelligence infrastructure? That could take years.  This paper provides an approach to mobile BI that leverage dashboards and reports you already use, while pointing to areas that may benefit from additional investment.

This paper outlines five best practices for mobile BI:

  • Avoid dashboard proliferation
  • Write to a smaller form factor
  • Consider an audience on the go
  • Account for new mobile scenarios
  • Leverage mobile’s natural process of collaboration

Mobile business intelligence with an author-once, flexible approach can help you deploy faster and make your system more useful. And well-designed mobile BI can help your organization finally fulfill the promise of business intelligence: to drive better decisions.

Tableau Software
15 Aug 2013
15 Aug 2013
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This resource is no longer available.