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Introduction to NetScaler SDX: Achieve the Benefits of Dedicated ADCs without the Risks of Appliance Sprawl


Each business requires a plethora of applications to succeed. And while every application needs an application delivery controller (ADC), what they need from that ADC can vary greatly.

To accommodate these requests, are you going to dedicate an ADC for each app and risk the complications (and costs) of application sprawl? Or do you want to run as many apps as possible on one ADC, thereby minimizing costs (and the app’s performance)?

Fortunately, there’s a better way – one where you don’t have to sacrifice cost for performance or vice versa.

Check out this video to learn – in less than three minutes – about an ADC that allows you to run multiple apps on one controller, providing the benefits of a dedicated appliance without the headaches, costs, or risks of appliance sprawl.

11 Apr 2013

This resource is no longer available.