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How to build and manage a workforce that will stand out globally


Global trade and foreign investments are expanding rapidly — not only in the largest nations such as the United States and China but across a wide range of developed, developing, and Third World countries. At the same time, global trade and investment now encompass not only exchanges of currency but more sophisticated collaboration as well. As manufacturers expand and invest abroad, foreign governments are increasingly demanding assistance with economic development.

With the increasing collaboration between manufacturers and foreign governments, many U.S. manufacturers will eventually find themselves managing a global workforce. Manufacturers stand to gain considerable competitive advantage and efficiency improvements by developing the local workforce. However, they also face substantial risks if they do not manage local workforces in compliance with labor regulations.

This white paper presents findings from joint research conducted by Kronos Incorporated in conjunction with IDC Manufacturing Insights, a research-based advisory service. It is designed to provide insight into global trade, investment, and workforce trends and best practices as well as to provide recommendations on workforce strategies that U.S. manufacturers can employ to improve their global competitiveness.

Kronos Incorporated
05 Aug 2013
30 Sep 2012
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This resource is no longer available.