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Platform as a Service 101: experts discuss the modern data center


Platform as a Service is revolutionizing application development in the enterprise but selecting the wrong solution can lock you in to a single vendor's roadmap, pricing, or technology stack. There is only one PaaS in the market that can meet enterprise requirements for your agency around security, data privacy, compliance, or governance on-premise and in the cloud.  OpenShift Enterprise, Red Hat’s PaaS, lets you:

  • Automate system administration tasks required for developer application stack provisioning.
  • Enable developer self-service to increase agility and speed, while maintaining security, data privacy, compliance, and governance.
  • Provide choice of multiple language platforms, including Java EE.

OpenShift Enterprise can change the way your organization does business. Join us for this webcast and learn how to start building for the future.


Adam Clater

Adam Clater is a Lead Solutions Architect at Red Hat, Inc., working with federal agencies to design and implement enterprise open source solutions. Adam is a Red Hat Certified Engineer, and prior to Red Hat he has worked in the DC area as an Architect for various Commercial, Civilian and Non Profit organizations.

Red Hat
24 Jul 2013
15 Jul 2013
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This resource is no longer available.