Real-Time Operational Reporting for E-Business Suite via GoldenGate Replication to an Operational Data Store

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Business operations and more “empowered” consumers continue to place growing demands on transactional processing systems. This is actually great news because it means customers are buying more products and services, interacting more often with your company (via mobile, social, etc.) and helping to boost revenue.  All good yes? Not so fast.

All of these increased transactions and the data they create can negatively impact the performance of the underlying transactional processing system, adding to pressure on IT to deliver up-to-date, reliable data in real-time without negatively impacting your entire IT infrastructure.

Luckily, cost-effective (and we’re talking very low cost) solutions are now available that can significantly bolster the performance of transactional systems by offloading key functions such as querying and operational reporting. But are they truly as good as vendors claim?

Download today’s featured resource entitled “Real-Time Data Integration Maximizes Online Transactions, Boosts Revenue” and discover how these enhanced solutions can deliver:

  • Better performance
  • Lower costs
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Simpler manageability
  • Less stress and work for IT
  • And more!
Oracle Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
May 31, 2012
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