Secure Your Backup Tapes Every Step of the Way

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Moving a large portion or even your entire backup tape library to an offsite location is a major logistical undertaking. You’ll need to account for security, staffing, transportation, inventory verification — just to name a few of the more important aspects required for a successful tape library move.

It can help to work with a partner who has both experience in tape library moves and a secure, proven workflow to ensure the organized, cost-effective transport of your backup tapes.

Check out this short resource to explore an approach to safely move your media to a secure offsite tape vault or offsite location using one vendor’s tape library moving service. This solution can help you: define your media and relocation needs, establish a plan that focuses primarily on media security, monitor the relocation status throughout the project and more.

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Feb 8, 2021
Jul 31, 2012
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