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Public Clouds, Private Clouds, Apps, and Data Center Futures:  Finding the Silver Lining


Still wondering exactly whether "the cloud" is a good idea for your organization? Learn more about where Microsoft lives in cloud computing as well-known Windows author Mark Minasi describes the "Big Three" cloud types -- infrastructure, platform and software – along with the types of applications most of us want to run on them including everyone's favorite outlier, Exchange. You can also learn how cloud computing differs from traditional computing, which could help you better see what concepts we can steal from clouds to improve our data centers, whether we adopt the cloud or not. Finally, for many of us, the idea of trusting our data to strangers may not sit well. That sets the tabled for the last consideration: public cloud, private cloud, or neither?


Mark Minasi

Mark Minasi is the author of 38 books, including "Mastering Windows Server" book series, and is a popular IT columnist and speaker at technical conferences around the world. His first cloud-related talk, "Clouds and Your Organization: a Lapsed Economist's View," was ranked third out of over two hundred talks at a recent conference. Some attendees to his talks have said that they'd pay to hear him read the phone book, but as of yet he has not sought work with Directory Assistance. He can be reached at

08 Jul 2013
02 Jul 2013
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This resource is no longer available.