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SharePoint® and E-Discovery Classroom


Many organizations are either planning to deploy SharePoint or already have deployed it in their organization. Because SharePoint is searchable, it is often assumed that, should e-discovery arise, there won’t be a problem.

Learn how and what you need to preserve from your SharePoint environment for efficient recovery and litigation readiness. Upon completion of this web seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why SharePoint data archiving should be part of their litigation readiness planning
  • Identify what should be retained and archived to reduce e-discovery risk
  • Explain why and how to integrate SharePoint with other archiving and retention processes
  • Summarize how to minimize recovery times and backup windows
  • Outline how to proactively plan for and lower e-discovery costs and risks
  • And more.


Martin Tuip published author and ten-time Microsoft MVP for Exchange Server

Martin Tuip has been involved in the archiving and regulatory compliance industry for many years. He has a passion for messaging systems and earned the title of Microsoft Exchange MVP ten times. He has been working with Exchange since 1996, a published author and is the webmaster of and In the archiving industry he has held positions at KVS, Symantec, Quest Software and Mimosa Systems.

09 Jul 2013
09 Jul 2013
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This resource is no longer available.