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Why Storage Matters for Cloud - Presentation Transcript


Research has identified storage as a constant pain point and bottleneck for cloud deployments. While server and network virtualization are considered critical components in cloud environments, software defined storage has been neglected until very recently.

Access this presentation transcript to learn more about the benefits storage virtualization offers and how they line up with key cloud requirements. Read now to find out how you can achieve a greater ROI from your current or future cloud implementation by reducing the storage over-provisioning, leveraging intelligent storage tiering, and eliminating often painful interactions between storage and server teams.


Torsten Volk Research Director, EMA

Torsten has over 10 years of conceptualizing and managing highly complex IT projects within the virtualization, cloud, and custom software application development realm.  In his past positions, Torsten has helped major national and international organizations evaluate and identify the business value of emerging enterprise technologies. Torsten has conceptualized application-aware private, public and hybrid cloud solutions for multiple hosting providers, as well as for large enterprises.

Ron Riffe Storage Software Business Strategist, IBM

Ron Riffe is responsible for devising and implementing IBM’s storage software strategy with a focus on creating greater client value through integrating IBM storage software with storage hardware offerings and workload centric clouds. Ron has held senior and product management as well as strategic business development positions in storage for over 27 years. He has authored papers on the synergies of storage virtualization and cloud computing, currently authors The Line blog.

05 Jul 2013
05 Jul 2013
Presentation Transcript

This resource is no longer available.