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Interactive Classroom: Creating a Sound SOA Strategy


This classroom explores the fundamentals of creating a SOA strategy. Learn how application development has moved on from ''captive'' in-house applications to Web applications and mobile applications, in a brief discussion on trends in Service-oriented architecture, Web services, and application development with's editor Jack Vaughan.

Plus, discover what independent consultant Michael Rosen identifies as the four areas where BPM failure occurs and how to bolster struggling BPM projects with solid SOA techniques. Finally, review best practices for avoiding common failures in SOA and BPM projects. 


Mike Rosen Director at Cutter Consortium

Mike Rosen is director of Cutter Consortium's Business & Enterprise Architecture practice. He has authored dozens of articles and reports and is co-author of Applied SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture and Design Strategies; Developing E-Business Systems and Architectures: A Manager's Guide; and Integrating CORBA and COM Applications. He is a founding member of the Business Architect's Guild and is active in industry standards with the OMG. Email him at

Jack Vaughan Editor of

Jack Vaughan writes stories and oversees editorial coverage for He previously worked as editor of TechTarget's,,

26 Jun 2013
02 Jul 2013
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This resource is no longer available.