Computer Weekly – 25 June 2013: Big data in action at Channel 4

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Computer Weekly – 25 June 2013: Big data in action at Channel 4

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we talk to Channel 4 Television, an early adopter of cloud-based big data analytics, about how the technology helps to understand their audience better and improve viewer engagement. We examine the challenges for IT departments as business leaders increasingly take over the move to digital. The last part of our buyer’s guide to identity and access management (IAM) looks at the regulatory issues. And we talk to companies adopting cloud applications to learn about their experiences. Read the issue now.


Crunching data to drive audience engagement at Channel 4 Television

Channel 4’s chief technology officer talks to about managing big data and harnessing the data generated by people viewing television online to develop new services.


Will the spread of digitisation spell the demise of the IT department?

As sales and marketing departments make greater use of data analytics, the future of IT’s centre of gravity looks increasingly uncertain.


Take care with cloud choices

A disciplined approach to selecting cloud providers and applications has paid off for early adopters of the technology.


Buyer’s guide to identity and access management – part three: Security experts struggle to solve access conundrum

Balancing the business need for network and application access with security and regulatory requirements continues to be one of the key challenges for information security professionals.


British Airways maximises customer service with big data analytics

Following major changes in IT leadership two years ago, the technology strategy at British Airways is focused on infrastructure modernisation and increasing revenue through smarter use of customer data to survive tough economic times.


Staying ahead of the code curve gets harder as code gets more complex

Software pioneer Bill Curtis talks about the increasing demands of business and the influence of agile software development.


Case study: How Solihull Council saves time and money with secure BYOD

How one local authority reduced costs and improved the relationship between IT and the business by supporting remote working.


Opinion: Get good at information governance

Technology author Doug Miles considers the data management challenges faced by businesses as they leave paper behind and enter a new era of digital records.



This week's issue is sponsored by Autonomy, Bradfield College and OCR.

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Jun 25, 2013
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