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Managing Enterprise Applications on CloudPlatform


Businesses have adopted cloud deployment for simple applications such as developer tools and web servers, but the complexities of deploying and managing multi-tier enterprise applications in the cloud are still very cumbersome, time consuming and error-prone. This creates an obstacle for businesses to run their enterprise application workloads in cloud environments. AppStack provides a solution for automating and simplifying the complex process of enterprise application provisioning and ongoing lifecycle management. AppStack is a software platform that leverages the infrastructure provisioning capabilities of Citrix CloudPlatform to provide application services for Enterprises deploying apps on private clouds, as well as for Service Providers who want to enable app services for their end users.

To solve this, Appcara has created AppStack, an advanced software platform for provisioning and managing enterprise and distributed applications in public and private cloud computing environments. To automate these capabilities, AppStack utilizes data-model driven technology, to capture and assemble complex application Workloads in a dynamic configuration repository. This enables a high degree of automation of common tasks such as deploying Workloads, but also the common change/update cycle that most enterprise applications will undergo. AppStack changes the paradigm from tedious, manual server management – to a much simpler “point and click” style of management at the Workload level.

In this session, we will demonstrate how AppStack provides simple cloud application management for Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack:

  • Point-and-click launching of application Workloads on to CloudPlatform clouds
  • Portal-based active management of apps across their lifecycle
  • Integrated App Marketplace with popular commercial and open-source apps that can be deployed into more complex Workloads
  • Multi-cloud support with complete Workload portability across public and private clouds
  • Multi-tenant and private labeling for Service Providers


Paul Speciale Chief Marketing Officer, Appcara Inc.

Paul Speciale is Chief Marketing Officer at Appcara where he leads the Marketing and Alliances for AppStack. He is fortunate to have been part of several early Cloud computing companies, including VP Product Management at Q-layer, one of the first cloud orchestration companies (acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2009), Savvis – where he lead the launch of the Savvis VPDC service, and Amplidata, a leader in cloud storage solutions. He has over 20 years of experience with a number of startups and Fortune 500 companies in storage, data management, and cloud computing.

Citrix Ready and Appcara Inc
Jun 19, 2013

This resource is no longer available.