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Breakthrough Speed and Simplicity: Think Big with IBM DB2 and new BLU Acceleration


Join us to hear about the new generation of IBM® DB2®, multi-workload database software for the era of big data.  DB2 10.5 introduces a game-changing innovation, BLU Acceleration, which enables dramatically faster performance for reporting and analytics workloads.  Learn how DB2 10.5 brings organizations:

• Speed of thought analytics- with new BLU Acceleration delivers out-of-the-box performance gains that go beyond the limitations of in-memory only systems 

• Always available transactions- with enhanced pureScale reliability further broadens the choices on providing a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure for transaction processing 

• Enhanced PL/SQL compatibility enabling clients to migrate from Oracle Database to DB2 with little to no application changes required, so they can hit the ground running

• Future proof versatility with business grade NoSQL and mobile databases for greater application flexibility

You won't want to miss this webcast to learn how the latest release of IBM DB2 can help organizations like yours manage the growing volume and diversity of data to gain insight and explore new opportunities for growth with unprecedented affordability.


Apr 30, 2013

This resource is no longer available.