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Podcast: Jump-start your big data journey with big data exploration


How do you start your big data journey? How do you get your arms around all of the data you have, figure out how it is being used, and leverage it for tangible business benefits? Big data exploration is the ability to explore and navigate all of the potential data sources in your enterprise - so-called “new” data and traditional enterprise data - to determine how best to proceed. Big data exploration can also drive greater efficiencies in business processes, yield new insights from combining and analyzing data types in new ways, and new business models, with resulting increased market presence and revenue.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Plan and execute a big data exploration project
  • Lay the groundwork by surveying business and content owners
  • Connect securely to all of your data
  • Navigate information and surface relationships
  • Measure the business benefits and determine next steps


Stacy Leidwinger Infosphere Data Explorer Product Manager, IBM

Stacy Leidwinger is the product manager for the IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer product line. She drives the product roadmap, market requirements and product positioning, as well as working closely with customers and partners to understand their Big Data challenges. Previously, Stacy was the Senior Director of Product Management at Vivisimo, an information access company, which was acquired by IBM in 2012.

24 Jun 2013
Jun 18, 2013

This resource is no longer available.