Red Hat JBoss Data Grid: The Perfect Solution for Big Data and Application Performance

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Modern IT departments struggle to keep up with exponential data growth, as traditional databases are notoriously difficult and expensive to scale. Big data requires real-time access to data, scalability, and non-disruptive technology - qualities that relational databases just don't have.

To overcome these challenges, smart businesses turn to in-memory data grids (IMDGs), which help to manage large amounts of data and mitigate the adverse effect it can have on application performance.

In this informative resource, discover how an IMDG addresses the challenges posed by big data and application performance, and learn how one particular data grid can benefit your IT department with:

  • Schema-less key value store
  • Elastic scaling
  • Multiple access protocols 
  • And more
Red Hat
Feb 8, 2021
Jun 30, 2012
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