Computer Weekly – 4 June 2013: Is Google ready for enterprise IT?

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Computer Weekly – 4 June 2013: Is Google ready for enterprise IT?

In this week’s Computer Weekly, as corporate adoption of Google grows, we ask IT leaders if the web giant is finally more than just a cheap and cheerful alternative to established software providers. Government CTO Liam Maxwell talks about the revolution in digital public services and how Whitehall’s big outsourcing deals are about to come to an end. And we find out how a new approach to big data called lean analytics could change business decision-making. Read the issue now.


Is Google ready for the enterprise?

Rising corporate adoption shows Google is no longer just a cheap and cheerful alternative to traditional enterprise software. Are IT directors ready to give Google a go?


Government CTO sees technology as an enabler for digital change

Government CTO Liam Maxwell talks about raising awareness of cloud services across government and taking a user-first approach to technology.


How lean analytics has the potential to change business decision-making

Lean analytics is a democratisation of data, underpinned by cloud and social media technologies. Its creators argue it is now much more possible to try out business hypotheses quickly, and find out who really cares about your company’s products.


Buyer’s guide to mobile device management – part three: Managing an Apple estate with MDM

LNT Group, which operates Ideal Care Homes, has deployed a mobile device management (MDM) system from Absolute Software to manage a fleet of iPhones.


Case study: Insurance firm’s BYOD plan had to keep pace with security compliance

Insurance firm Hamilton Fraser has signed up with MobileIron to help it roll out a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy across the business.


Review: Does RunRev LiveCode really make programming easy?

LiveCode’s drag and drop programming GUI offers an interesting introduction to the world of software application development.


Opinion: The future of application development

As cloud adoption increases throughout the enterprise, moving quickly is important to gain a competitive advantage, writes Gartner fellow David Mitchell Smith.


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Jun 4, 2013
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