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Enabling VDI


IT organizations face many challenges when it comes to managing desktops, including data storage, security, and compliance. To overcome these difficulties, smart companies look to virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) to consolidate operating systems, applications, preferences, and data into IT-managed shared storage systems.

However, some organizations are turned off by new scalability and cost concerns that VDI presents.

Watch this video to learn about a storage area network (SAN) that enables your organization to deploy VDI at scale while reducing complexity. With high performance and elasticity to handle large storage workloads, this technology can offer benefits such as:

  • Performance optimization to mitigate I/O storm concerns
  • No upfront costs of over-provisioning
  • Simplified virtual desktop management
  • And more
Dell, Inc. and Intel®
14 Jun 2013

This resource is no longer available.