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Database Technology Trends -- and How to Benefit From Them Classroom


Databases are the lifeblood of modern companies, providing them with the means for effectively managing critical business information. In this classroom, IT managers, data management professionals, business executives and others involved in buying and managing database systems will gain insight on several new and emerging technologies and get practical advice on how to take advantage of them. In a webcast, consultant William McKnight explains what NoSQL databases are, details how they differ from mainstream relational databases and provides tips on implementing and managing the technology. In a podcast Q&A, McKnight discusses in-memory databases, their potential uses and issues to consider before deploying them. And in an article, consultant Rick Sherman examines the pluses of using cloud database technologies and services and assesses the hurdles that organizations can face on cloud projects.


William McKnight President, McKnight Consulting Group

William McKnight works as a strategist, lead enterprise information architect and program manager for clients worldwide, specializing in the disciplines of big data, business intelligence, data warehousing and master data management. McKnight has authored hundreds of articles and white papers and speaks regularly at conferences, seminars and webinars; he also is the author of the book “90 Days to Success in Consulting.” He can be contacted at

Rick Sherman Founder, Athena IT Solutions

Rick Sherman is the founder of Athena IT Solutions, a consulting, training and vendor services company that focuses on business intelligence, data integration and data warehousing. Sherman is also an adjunct faculty member at Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Engineering in Boston, and he offers advice and analysis on his blog, The Data Doghouse. Email him at

19 Jun 2013
18 Jun 2013
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This resource is no longer available.