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SearchSecurity University - Endpoint Devices: Shoring Up the Weakest Link


In a day and age in which "Apple Picking," or the theft of iPhones, is becoming a daily occurrence in cities across the country, IT executives need to evaluate their security policies and lock down measures for stolen devices.

This classroom will explore how to protect mobile endpoints against malware and theft, and what to do before and after a device makes its way into the wrong hands. Via three lessons, gain essential understanding of:

  1. How IT executives can protect their organization against endpoint security threats and set security best practices for managing the myriad endpoint devices entering the workforce
  2. Why IT executives should focus their endpoint security strategy on applications
  3. How data governance can be integrated into solutions for managing endpoint security for the hyper-connected enterprise


Jack Gold president and principal analyst, J. Gold Associates LLC

Jack Gold is Founder and Principal Analyst at J. Gold Associates. Gold has more than 35 years in the computer and electronics industries, including work in imaging, multimedia, technical computing, consumer electronics, software development and manufacturing systems. He is a leading authority on mobile, wireless and pervasive computing, advising clients on business analysis, strategic planning, architecture, product.

13 Jun 2013
13 Jun 2013
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This resource is no longer available.