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Straight Talk About Disk Backup, Part 4: Importance of Storage Architecture


Today’s market provides two primary storage architectures—scale-up and scale-out. In the modern IT landscape, it’s important to use an architecture that can scale with you as your data grows.

With a scale-up approach as data grows, the workload doubles but the computing power stays the same. In a scale-out approach, your workload still doubles but your computing resources double along with it. This enables you to keep your backup and recovery times down and doubles your resources to deduplicate and replicate your data as well.

Watch this short video to gain insight into the importance of a storage architecture to the long-term backup solution you implement. View now to learn about the world’s first technology to take a primary scale-out storage architecture and add resource intensive processes like deduplication for disk backups.

ExaGrid Systems, Inc.
07 Feb 2013

This resource is no longer available.