How to Meet the Top 5 Data Integration Requirements with Oracle

Five New Data Integration Requirements And How to Meet Them with Oracle Data Integration


Today's decision-makers need real-time, accurate data to create the most business value for an enterprise - and that means having access to any and all data sources (regardless of source or format) and the ability to integrate it across social, mobile, and cloud technologies.

Because combining various sources and types of data is often challenging, many businesses today are turning to data integration technologies to gain comprehensive visibility into all business-critical data.  Choosing the right technology, however, means considering the modern requirements of an integration tool that can help you with all of your analytics endeavors.

Read this white paper to learn about five fundamental requirements of a successful data integration strategy, and a family of products that can help you meet these needs.

Oracle Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 31, 2013
White Paper
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