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Podcast: Sort through storage “junk drawer” for efficient DR program


IT pros today are backing up everything—but why? In terms of disaster recovery this is an enormous waste of time and resources, not to mention money. The key challenge of is to sort through the storage “junk drawer” to figure out what data  belongs to your mission-critical applications, and devise a high availability strategy to protect it.

Listen to this podcast to hear expert Jon Toigo explain how ineffective data classification contributes to wasted disk capacity, high hardware costs, and a general lack of storage efficiency. Access now to find out the steps you can take to free up storage space and reclaim your wasted disk capacity.


Jon Toigo CEO and managing principal, Toigo Partners International

Jon William Toigo is a 30-year IT veteran who has worked both as an operative within corporate information systems departments and as a senior consultant with two international systems integrators. He has written thousands of articles and columns for the computer trade press, including Storage magazine,, Computerworld, Network Computing, Mainframe Executive, Scientific American, Washington Technology and z/Journal. Toigo has written 15 books on enterprise computing strategies.

He is CEO and managing principal of Toigo Partners International, and operates the blog on storage and data management. Toigo has also chaired the Data Management Institute since 1992.

30 Apr 2013
Apr 25, 2013

This resource is no longer available.