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Accelerating the Adoption of the HDX Experience


You know “HDX Ready” thin clients, but do you know “HDX Ready SoC” thin clients? NComputing and Citrix are working together to transform the economics and accelerate the adoption of desktop virtualization. With NComputing’s breakthrough N-series devices developed specifically for the Citrix HDX Ready System-on-Chip program, customers can expand their deployments of key Citrix capabilities at dramatically lower costs and without compromising the HDX experience.

NComputing’s N-series thin clients are optimized specifically and only for Citrix HDX, delivering 100% of the amazingly rich HDX experience at approximately 1/3 the cost of typical HDX-capable PCs and traditional thin client devices. Powered by our third-generation Numo™ 3 System-on-Chip (SoC), N-series devices support and simplify XenDesktop, XenApp, and VDI-in-a-Box desktop and application virtualization deployments including full HD video capabilities while using less than 5 watts of power.

Join us and learn about:


  • The importance of “HDX Ready Soc” Thin Clients
  • Expanding your Citrix deployments while cutting the cost and complexity out of the stack
  • Simple and Powerful web-based device management
  • Maximizing the return on your Citrix virtualization technology investment

Citrix and NComputing are bringing innovation to the forefront and this conversation is all about unleashing the full potential of your Citrix environments.

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Mike Pagani Senior Director Product Marketing, NComputing

Mike Pagani has over 20 years of IT industry experience spanning computer software, hardware and networking solutions. Mike has broad, in-depth Desktop Virtualization knowledge and experience. Prior to joining NComputing in February of 2011, he had global responsibility for Product Marketing within Quest Software’s Desktop Virtualization Group. Mike has also held senior executive level strategic Technology and Marketing positions within a diverse set of organizations including Redwood Software, Quad Research, Magellan Software (now OpenText) and Stay-Linked.

Citrix Ready and NComputing
Apr 23, 2013, 10:00 EDT (14:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.