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JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 – benefits, features, use cases


Business process experts and application developers in organizations of all sizes need to be able to model, automate, measure, and improve their critical processes and policies to respond to dynamic changes.

A business rules management system (BRMS) can help achieve this critical goal but requires a solid understanding of what these systems can and can’t do prior to implementation. In this on-demand webcast, Red Hat’s solutions architect, Peter Larsen, provides a high-level overview of JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3, explaining how you can best use this system to support business agility and responsiveness. Read on to gain an overview of the benefits and features of this BRMS platform, including:

  • High-performance business rules engine
  • Advanced business process automation
  • Robust authoring tools for all stakeholders
  • Simplified system management requirements and easy scalability.


Peter Larsen Solutions Architect

As a 25-year veteran in the technology field, Peter Larsen has a wide range of experience ranging from system development to enterprise architecture. Peter has been involved with open source for almost 15 years and has worked with Java EE for more than 10 years. Today Peter works as a middleware solution architect for Red Hat within the Civilian Federal Government.

Red Hat
Apr 1, 2013

This resource is no longer available.