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SAP HANA – what does the future look like?


While SAP HANA's ability to dramatically accelerate queries on massive data sets and thus enable real-time business intelligence (BI) clearly represents the 'next big thing' for SAP customers, it's understandable that many of them are still on the fence when it comes to adoption.

Since the HANA software has already undergone several iterations, and capabilities continue to be added, SAP customers want to be sure that any investment they make— and the requisite hardware— will continue to provide a return and be viable for their enterprise needs.

This brief video delves into what the future looks like for SAP HANA. Check it out to determine if adopting today makes sense for your organization and learn why it's important to consider:

  • Power consumption
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) workload integration
  • Storage capacity
  • And more.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
02 Apr 2013

This resource is no longer available.