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Build a cloud within a day: HP CloudSystem Matrix software accelerates the path from virtualization to cloud


Today, many IT organizations have reached a high level of maturity with regard to virtualization and are starting to look into the automation, flexibility, and self-service capabilities that a cloud solution can provide.

Creating the right cloud delivery strategy is critical to reducing your organization’s risks and building its future. And for many it’s a good idea to start small, to build a pilot or proof of concept for the cloud, and expand from there. It’s important to understand how a private cloud can make your organization more flexible and agile. And as you expand, you can add self-service capabilities that make it simple for IT users to request new virtual environments.

This resource explains how this strategy lets you leverage your existing virtualization investments in order to quickly and cost-effectively reap the full benefits of the cloud. Continue on to explore further and discover one software offering.

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23 Jul 2013
28 Feb 2013
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This resource is no longer available.