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Building A Powerful IM Strategy for Large Organizations


Large organizations face challenges in identifying and defining requirements for the successful implementation of information management strategies.

This session will lead you through the challenges, journey, and success experienced by Enbridge - from understanding the business problems/risks, and gaining executive support/sponsorship/funding, to elaborating, staffing and implementing measureable and repeatable execution techniques. Learn how IT, law, and RM can partner to make the information management strategy a reality in your organization.

Upon completion of this classroom, participants will be able to:

1. Break down the components that make up an IM strategy

2. Identify aspects of each component critical to the success of the strategy

3. Develop an adaptable approach to building in-house expertise to execute an IM strategy


Rob Carpenter Vice President, Corporate Law and Deputy General Counsel, Enbridge Inc.

Rob Carpenter is Vice President, Corporate Law and Deputy General Counsel at Enbridge Inc., headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Rob is also Chair of Enbridge’s Records Management Steering Committee, a cross-enterprise committee which provides strategic direction and oversight to Enbridge’s Records Management Program. He has practiced law with various large companies in the resource and energy sector for 21 years, and has been with Enbridge for six years.

Bernadette Resnik Enterprise Lead for RM, Enbridge Inc.

Bernadette Resnik has 25 years’ experience in records and information management. Her expertise includes both strategic and tactical program development and implementation, governance, classification and retention in industry sections such as energy, pharmaceuticals, banking and others. As Enterprise lead for RM at Enbridge, Bernadette is responsible for developing governance framework and support structures that “tuck” records management into the culture and regular business of the organization. Prior to Enbridge, Bernadette was Records Manager for Pengrowth Energy, and Consulting and Outsourcing Operations Lead for Tab Canada

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This resource is no longer available.