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Successfully monitoring your large-scale virtual environment


Traditional monitoring approaches fail in large scale virtualized environments primarily because they cannot handle the complexity of application performance and virtualization issues. Are you seeing a rise in the amount of data you collect to monitor your virtual environment? Is complexity becoming overwhelming as you try to link application, virtual machine, and other infrastructure data sources to make performance decisions quickly? Join us to learn how you can turn the big data problem created by virtualization to your advantage.

Join Dave Bartoletti, Senior Infrastructure & Operations Analyst at Forrester Research and Priya Balakrishnan, Sr.Product Marketing Manager at Splunk as they discuss a big data approach to tackling these challenges introduced by dynamic VMware environments.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you need to solve the virtualization performance challenge before you can virtualize your most business-critical workloads
  • Which virtualization management challenges are top of mind for Forrester's enterprise customers and how they plan to solve them
  • Why virtualization creates a big data problem and how to solve it by putting analytics to work FOR you
  • How Splunk, a Big Data solution, and the Splunk App for VMware come together to solve virtualization challenges like proactive monitoring, capacity planning, change tracking and troubleshooting

How insights gained by combining VMware data with other data in Splunk can be a powerful source of truth in virtualized environments

Mar 21, 2013
1 (hh:mm:ss)

This resource is no longer available.