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What works in end-to-end Talent Management?

Cover and Oracle recently completed a study of end-to-end talent management in large organizations. The study examined which tactics organizations successfully applied in several of the main areas of talent management; which areas organizations were focusing on and the extent they had been successful in integrating individual talent management applications. The study asked what organizations were doing that had the biggest effect on results.

This webcast will cover five areas:

  • Talent Scarcity and Recruitment - HR needs to be good both at filling vacancies quickly and getting good people—objectives that can sometimes be at odds. Are social tools the answer? We will find out.
  • Talent Retention, Compensation and Learning - Line managers frequently think improved compensation is the answer to retention, the study reveals what HR managers think.
  • Performance Management and Talent Reviews - In the section on performance management and talent reviews we consider where organizations have had success in improving performance management and what they are focusing on to improve it further.
  • Integration - The discussion on integration simply seeks to find to what extent organization have or have not been successful at integrating the different parts of their talent management software.
  • Business Context – Here we look at what management is most concerned about, their attitude towards people management and their attitude towards HR analytics.     

One of the underlying themes of this webinar is that while there are all kinds of things HR could be doing, it needs to learn to focus on the few things that are likely to have the biggest impact. This webinar will ask the questions that will help you find the right things to concentrate on.

Oracle Corporation
Feb 21, 2013

This resource is no longer available.