Computer Weekly – 26 February 2013: European Commission targets data security

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Computer Weekly – 26 February 2013: European Commission targets data security

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look at the new IT security proposals from the European Commission, focusing on cyber and data security, before answering the question of whether the benefits will be worth it. We reveal the challenges of managing big data, with help from some industry analysts, and hear from the Open University CIO on IT tools that support learning. Inside you’ll also find part two of our buyer’s guide to green computing. Read the issue now.


European cyber strategy directive may put financial pressure on businesses

Since the publication of the European Commission’s proposed cyber security strategy and supporting directive, the focus has been on how difficult it will be to implement and how effective it will be in improving data security. But what effect will it have on business?


Organisations should manage big data as an asset, say experts

Big data hype has caused “infantile disorders” in corporate organisations over the past year. Hadoop silos, an excess of experimentation and an exaggeration of the importance of data scientists are among the teething problems of big data, according to experts, who suggest organisations should manage all data as an asset.


Buyer’s guide to green computing – part two: Curb your datacentre cooling costs to boost the bottom line

Many organisations are now implementing green policies without wrapping them up in a sustainability message. The current driver for green technology is to save money through optimising energy use, rather than a desire to be seen to be green.


Case study: Virtual datacentre helps Channel 5 manage Big Brother traffic spikes

Dramatic developments in the reality show can cause a 1,000% spike in traffic and the TV channel needed a set up that could cope.


Innovative technology for students

Open University CIO David Matthewman tells us how the institution transforming core systems and providing tools to support distance learning.


Opinion: Putting the right processes in place to benefit from big data

Most executives recognise that the vast amounts of data coming into their organisation can be used to make the business better, but few are taking full advantage, writes John McGlinchey, vice-president for Europe and the Middle East at CompTIA.


Changes in attitudes needed to promote gender diversity

Attitudes towards flexible working, from both men and women, need to change in order to drive gender diversity in the IT workplace.


Business applications and data analytics make companies lean

While lean manufacturing can offer cost savings and energy efficiency, it also comes with challenges, such as constant maintenance.



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