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Cognos Disclosure Management - Demo Video


The saying goes that every picture tells a story- but that’s not true for big data. Now more than ever, CFOs and business leaders need the story and the analysis behind the data so they can get a better picture of firm performance to make better business decisions.

Finance organizations that rely on outdated, manual processes to share information throughout the organization are finding that these error prone processes cause data inconsistencies, versioning problems, and lack of confidence in reports.

Access this concise yet insightful webcast to learn how you can transform the way people collaborate across your enterprise.  And discover a new technology that will help you:

  • Automate with the help of one single reporting tool
  • Enhance by marrying data with the narrative analysis
  • Standardize by creating and enforcing processes across the enterprise
  • And eliminate by removing risks associated with spreadsheets.
15 Feb 2013

This resource is no longer available.