Computer Weekly – 12 February 2013: Can BlackBerry 10 bridge the business-consumer smartphone divide?

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Computer Weekly – 12 February 2013: Can BlackBerry 10 bridge the business-consumer smartphone divide?

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look at the new smartphone software from BlackBerry – it's designed to please both business and consumer users, but is it enough to save the company? We examine the options available for using cloud services for disaster recovery. IT leaders tell us what they think about the future of the datacentre. And the final part of our buyer's guide to big data infrastructure looks at the different ways storage experts need to approach the big data challenge. Read the issue now.


BlackBerry bets its future on operating system and handset aimed at BYOD users

BlackBerry’s latest launch, with separate screens for consumer and business uses, could be just what it needs to win customers back.


Cloud supports business as usual

Cloud disaster recovery has opened up previously unaffordable business continuity options for small and medium-sized businesses.


Datacentres must manage legacy while looking ahead

IT leaders met at roundtable event, hosted by Computer Weekly in association with Oracle, to discuss the future of the datacentre.


Buyer's guide to big data infrastructure – part three: Storage struggles to keep up with data growth explosion

Traditional approaches to building storage infrastructure may be wholly unsuitable to the analysis of large, real-time datasets. Big data analysis needs a split from the traditional approach of matching back-end infrastructure to application requirements.


Government departments brace for challenge to culture of data security

Risk-averse policy has long curbed government IT reform but – in simplifying security – Whitehall hopes to widen the scope of technology it can use.


Case study: Dublin Airport Authority uses virtualisation to overhaul IT

Dublin Airport Authority launched a major IT infrastructure overhaul last year, installing HP’s converged infrastructure and VMware’s vSphere platform to manage expanding workloads.


Bringing electronic trading to the over-the-counter brokering sector

CIO Yann L’Huillier was the obvious choice when over-the-counter brokerage firm Tradition decided to introduce an electronic trading platform for its dealers.


Opinion: Tips for software contract negotiation

Mark Bartrick from Forrester Research shares four essential tips on negotiating successful IT contracts.


This week's issue is sponsored by Accenture, AQA and Gartner.

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