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Business Information University Classroom: Wayne Eckerson – Business Intelligence Strategy


This Classroom covers important business intelligence strategies for BI managers through three concise lessons led by BI thought leader Wayne Eckerson.


Lesson: Aligning Business and IT: How to Run the BI Program as a Business

The most successful BI managers run their BI programs as a business. They create a business plan, compile a top-notch team, and deliver exemplary customer service and value. This Webcast will frame the ways that BI managers use tried-and-true business principles to align business with IT and ensure rapid adoption of BI solutions.


Lesson: Understanding Your Customers: Top-Down Vs Bottom-up BI

The first task for any BI program (or business) is to know its customers and their requirements. This Webcast will define the two major types of BI customers and the kinds of information and access they want. Armed with this knowledge, BI managers can select the right tools and architectures to support each group.


Lesson: Creating a Roadmap: BI Framework 2020

One of fundamental tasks of any BI manager is to create a roadmap for the future. This Webcast will describe the BI ecosystem of the future that equally supports top-down and bottom-up BI, and accommodates trends toward continuous intelligence, analytics, and big data.

14 Feb 2013
12 Feb 2013
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This resource is no longer available.