Computer Weekly – 5 February 2013: The third dimension – the innovation opportunity from 3D printing

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Computer Weekly – 5 February 2013: The third dimension – the innovation opportunity from 3D printing

In this week’s Computer Weekly, as the cost of 3D printing technology falls, the opportunity for innovation for IT leaders is growing – we look at the potential it holds. The rise of big data has created a new role – data scientist; we find out what they do and ask what skills you need to look for. Government COO Stephen Kelly talks about the reform of Whitehall IT. And the latest part of our buyer's guide to big data infrastructure looks at the storage considerations. Read the issue now.


The rise of 3D printing can alter the manufacturing landscape

A world in which manufacturing-on-demand is a reality might not be that far away, as the price of 3D printers is dramatically falling. The technology has the potential to fundamentally change the economies of scale for small, innovative enterprises.


What is a data scientist? Who needs one and where can you find them?

Much has been said about data science in the last year or so, but experts disagree on exact definitions – or even its desirability.


Driving the government’s digital strategy with organised structure

Stephen Kelly, chief operating officer at the Cabinet Office, talks about the changing nature of IT leadership in government.


Buyer's guide to infrastructure for big data – part two: Process big data at speed

Low-cost solid state memory is powering high-speed analytics of big data streaming from social network feeds and the industrial internet.


NHS trust loses first round with ICO as all eyes fall to appeals procedure

An NHS trust has lost its attempt to rescind a fine for a data breach, but an appeal could have serious consequences for the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).


Case study: Betting site leaves nothing to chance with open source MongoDB database

Implementing MongoDB database technology delivers impressive flexibility and agility gains for gambling website Youwin.


Opinion: Unleash the value of consumer data

CIOs need to work with business leaders to implement the operational changes required to build consumer trust, say John Rose and Ralf Dreischmeier from Boston Consulting Group.


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