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Solution Spotlight: Application Delivery, Optimization and Performance


Enterprises are becoming more distributed, and their employees must be able to access the corporate network from anywhere. As a result, IT professionals must redesign enterprise networks to connect mobile workers with corporate resources, both quickly and securely.

While WAN optimization and application delivery technologies have been able to effectively accelerate business applications over traditional WAN links in the past, road warriors, rising telecom costs and cloud computing make broadband connectivity more appealing for organizations. Many acceleration technologies are not adequately equipped to handle corporate data across the Internet connectivity; and WAN optimization and application delivery technologies must evolve as well.

Given all these factors, how can enterprises navigate this evolving landscape of serving an increasingly distributed workforce?

This IT Decision Center will address the business and technology decisions that enterprise IT needs to address to provide optimized access to corporate data and applications to a far-flung workforce.


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27 Feb 2013
27 Feb 2013
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This resource is no longer available.